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Francis, the comic strip                                                               by Pat Marrin | June 1, 2016
National Catholic Reporter
Used with permission

How to Be a Catholic and a Feminist

Jean E. Barker | Sep 28, 2016

Full of questions about her lifelong Catholic faith, journalist-turned-public-interest-lobbyist Celia Viggo Wexler decided to interview other women who have remained in the Church despite their disagreements with its official teachings. Her new book, Catholic Women Confront Their Church: Stories of Hurt and Hope (Rowman & Littlefield, Sept.), features nine activists, theologians, and other professional women who are engaging with the institutional church in multiple ways.

Conflicted about the Church’s refusal to respond to the concerns of Catholic women, and uncomfortable with the conservative Catholicism practiced in her parish, “I had come to a fork in the road in my own life,” Wexler told PW. “I did not know whether I could continue to be a practicing Catholic and a feminist.”

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Doctrinal congregation convokes meeting on role of women in the church

Cindy Wooden | September 29, 2016

Leaders of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith spent three days in late September listening to women theologians, canon lawyers, Scripture scholars and specialists in other academic fields talk about roles women have played in the Catholic church and roles they could play in the future.

After the symposium Sept. 26-28 was over, the congregation issued a brief statement outlining the topics discussed and listing the women who made formal presentations. The congregation said the papers will be published at a later date.

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Sara Butler, MSBT / Robert J. Egan, SJ Debate on the Ordination of Women

Women Priests -- Answering the Call


See preface from the book by Catherine Cavanagh -- click here

Editor's note:  The author has given permission to download for free the complete 48 page booklet and read on your computer or e-reader

Click here for pdf format of Women Priests -- Following the Call

My Journey From Silence to Solidarity

This book available for free as a pdf file downloaded here.


On May 12, 2016 Pope Francis  announced that he will create a commission to study the possibility of restoring the tradition of ordaining women deacons in the Catholic Church.

Follow this special section to stay up to date and get insights and commentary on developments from many news sources.

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Pope Francis confirms finality of ban on ordaining women priests -- sort of

Joshua J. McElwee  |  Nov. 1, 2016

ABOARD THE PAPAL FLIGHT FROM SWEDEN Pope Francis has said he thinks the Roman Catholic church's ban on priestly ordination for women will continue forever, saying his predecessor Pope John Paul II's declaration on the matter "goes in that direction."

Francis expressed his thoughts on the subject in response to a question Tuesday from a journalist aboard the papal flight back to Rome after a two-day visit to Sweden.

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Mary of Magdala Inclusive Catholic Community

Jane Kryzanowski | November 1, 2016

Recently the Regina house church reviewed developments in our community over the past year which included serious consideration of a name.  After much prayer and discernment, the name Mary of Magdala Inclusive Catholic Community was chosen. 

As a community, we honour Mary as:

  • one who received the healing touch of Jesus,
  • a faithful follower and supporter of his ministry,
  • a person loyal to Jesus even in his darkest hours of suffering and death,
  • a tomb watcher to whom the mystery of the resurrection was revealed,
  • the apostle to the apostles proclaiming Jesus risen,
  • a dearly beloved disciple, and
  • a leader in the early church.
She also bears the burden of being greatly misunderstood throughout much of church history and by many today.

We ask her inspiration and guidance as we journey in faithfulness to our call to proclaim by our words and actions the Good News Jesus preached and which she witnessed, the loving tenderness of God.  We also commit to telling herstory as we claim our story.

Rejoice with us in this development of our community!

Jane Kryzanowski, RCWP
Email:  photina61@gmail.com


Rent A Priest Service in India

T. K. Devasia | September 27, 2016

Former Catholic priests in the southern Indian state of Kerala have launched an illicit "rent a priest" service to meet the spiritual requirements of Catholics who do not avail of services from their parishes. 

The service aims to help Catholics who have been critical of their parish priests to hire former priests listed with the association called Catholic Priests, Ex-Priest and Nuns Association.

Former priests in this association provide spiritual services, including administering sacraments.

According to Catholic practice, a priest who has left the priesthood is not supposed to administer sacraments or celebrate Mass for the public. Although the sacraments administered are valid, the acts are considered illicit as the former priests have had their rights to do so revoked.

Reji Njallani, a layperson and national president of the association said their aim is to help Catholics who want spiritual help get it because they "have fallen away" from their parishes for whatever reasons.

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'I want to see women priests in the Catholic Church', Lutheran Archbishop tells Pope Francis

Ilgin Karlidag | Oct 28, 2016

Pope Francis still has a lot of work to do on a range of moral issues despite encouraging comments from the Catholic Church head, leaders of Sweden's Lutherans say ahead of his visit to the country.

"It is clear that he has said and done things that have ignited much hope among many Catholics and even many people outside the Catholic Church," Sweden's first female Lutheran Archbishop, Antje Jackelén, told AFP.

Stockholm Bishop Eva Brunne hailed the Argentine pontiff as "a breath of fresh air". But the openly lesbian bishop added: "He has a lot to work on when it comes to gender issues, for example."

Francis kicks off a two-day visit to Sweden on Monday to mark the 500th anniversary of the Reformation – a highly symbolic trip, given that Martin Luther's dissenting movement launched centuries of bitter and often bloody divisions in Europe.

Sweden's branch of the Lutheran Church is amongst the most liberal in Christendom, and the pope's visit highlights deep splits between the Vatican and this gay-friendly constitutional monarchy, where same-sex marriage is allowed even for priests.

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Francis, the comic strip                                                                                                           Francis Comic Strip Archive
by Pat Marrin | October 20, 2016
National Catholic Reporter
Used with permission

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