Voices of Faith Conference in

 Rome and in your living room,

 Thursday, March 8, 2018

2 pm in Rome; 9:00 am in New Brunswick; 8:00 am in Ontario; 7:00 am in Saskatchewan; 6:00 am in Alberta; 5:00 am in British Columbia

RCWP Canada Monthly Review -- March 2018

  • Digging out the Roots of Spiritual Abuse
  • Voices of Faith Conference at the Vatican and in your living room, Thursday, March 8, 2018
  • Voices of Faith Conference may get larger audience because of controversy
  • Mary – Prophet and Priest
  • Sr. Louise Akers, remembered for her stand against inequality, dies at age 75
  • #MeToo and the maleness of God
  • Message on the occasion of her election as bishop for RCWP Canada
  • Faith and Social Justice
  • Blessed Are Those Who Hunger for Justice
  • Benedict had a sister, Scholastica
  • International Anglican-Roman Catholic Conference on the Diaconate
  • 'Created Equal' film uses women's ordination to address broader societal, legal issues
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Voices of Faith Conference in Rome and in your living room, Thursday, March 8, 2018

Editor, RCWP Canada Monthly Review | March 1, 2018

According to their website, "On International Women’s Day 2018, March 8, 2018, Voices of Faith features young women (and men) who bring their faith, their questions, their hopes and dreams to the leaders of our church. "

Ahead of the Synod of Bishops on Youth in October 2018, Pope Francis has made it clear that he wants to listen to the voices of young people.

Registering at their website is for obtaining a ticket and being present in person in Rome.

No doubt most will participate via live streaming on a computer, tablet or smart phone.  The editor of RCWP Canada Monthly Review has requested and received by email
clarification on live streaming, as follows:

Live Stream link
on March 8th

Women's ordination was a topic not allowed in the past four conferences.  There is a strong likelihood that ordination of women will be discussed this year, given the speakers involved who have spoken eloquently and forcefully about opening all ministries in the Church to women: Tina Beattie, Mary McAleese, and Zuzanna Radzik.  More information about each of these women is given below.  Also, Deb Rose-Milevec, Director of FutureChurch is now a board member of Voices of Faith.

For a report on last year's Voices of Faith Conference, by Kate McIlwee of Women's Ordination Conference, see:  “Stirring the Waters” and still thirsty — Voices of Faith 2017

Faith and Social Justice

Etched in Flesh - A Sermon by Walter Brueggemann

A YouTube video suggested by Marie Bouclin, Bishop for RCWP Canada

Click here

Blessed Are Those Who Hunger for Justice

Richard Rohr, Center for Action and Contemplation | February 2, 2018
Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for justice: they shall have their fill. —Matthew 5:6

This Beatitude is surely both spiritual and social. Most Bibles to this day soften this Beatitude: “hunger and thirst for what is right” or “for righteousness” are the more common faulty translations. But the word in Greek clearly means “justice.” Notice that the concept of justice is used halfway through the Beatitudes and again at the very end. The couplet emphasizes an important point: To live a just life in this world is to identify with the longings and hungers of the poor, the meek, and those who weep. This identification and solidarity is in itself a profound form of social justice.

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Benedict had a sister, Scholastica

A reflection by Joan Chittister, recommentded by Pat Cooke, Priest of RCWP Canada

Benedict had a sister, Scholastica, who also dedicated her life to the pursuit of God. She too founded monasteries and became an abbatial figure. The only story we have of Scholastica is told when Benedict was already an abbot of renown. The incident demonstrates clearly that the brother and sister were emotionally close, and both of them had a spiritual influence on the other till the time of her death.

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International Anglican-Roman Catholic Conference on the Diaconate

May 10-13, 2018
Campion College
3737 Wascana Pkwy, Regina, SK, S4S 0A2

This conference is co-sponsored by the Anglican Diocese of Qu'Appelle and the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Regina, through their joint Anglican-Roman Catholic Covenant Implementation Committee.

The conference will look at the points of convergence as well as divergence of our two Communions in the context of the world-wide Anglican-Roman Catholic dialogue given renewed impetus by Pope Francis and Archbishop Justin Welby of Canterbury.

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'Created Equal' film uses women's ordination to address broader societal, legal issues

Kristen Whitney Daniels, National Catholic Reporter | Feb 5, 2018

In recent years, the movie industry hasn't shied away from Catholicism — mostly seen through the lens of the sex abuse scandal. However, a new film seeks to expand the discussion on injustices both within the Catholic Church and society in general.

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I don't know if Blaise is still employed by the church but my favourite memory is when, years ago, a former priest was blessing my daughter's throat and put the long magic candles through her hoop earrings, holding her hostage for just a moment. I wish I could say that she has never had a sore throat since!

Jackie Guimond, Fort Frances, ON

O so fun to be Catholic. Like this past week when, just before a funeral that we were playing for, the local pastor admonished me for breaking and sharing communion wafer with Gerry...asked me WHY? I explained it was a carry over from ME [Marriage Encounter] days when we were reminded to be willing to 'break and share' our lives with our partner. He responded: "Yes, your lives, but NOT the HOST"

I didn't have time to address idolatry at that moment but did send him a letter the following day.

Jackie Guimond, Fort Frances, ON

I enjoy reading almost every word. Then enjoy the Francis cartoon. Keep it up.


Free pdf downloadable books:

195 Reasons Why Women Should Be Ordained

Women Priests -- Following the Call

My Journey From Silence To Solidarity

Catholic Women And Holy Orders: The Time Is Now

 Digging out the Roots
 of Spiritual Abuse

Craig Van Parys, RCWP Canada | March 1, 2018

While the Roman Catholic Church continues to struggle with its numerous sexual abuse scandals, I would like to offer for our consideration another form of abuse that is more pervasive – spiritual abuse. I will use Pia Mellody’s definition of spiritual abuse. Mellody is an internationally recognized authority on codependence, addictions, and relationships. Although Mellody uses the following definition to describe abusive situations in childhood, I believe its definition is also applicable for adults, because the Roman Catholic Church’s approach to its adult laity is comparable to a dysfunctional and paternalistic parent – child relationship, whereby the clergy act like the parents in this relationship and its laity are treated like children. Mellody contends, “[spiritual] abuse includes experiences that distort, retard, or otherwise interfere with a child’s [laity’s] spiritual development.” This form of abuse has the insidious ability to penetrate minds and hearts and keep the abused passive, complacent, obedient, silent and subservient, leaving its victims spiritually stunted, unimaginative and disempowered – in effect dispirited.

[Craig Van Parys, Regina, SK, is an Associate of RCWP Canada.]

Read More (9 page article)

Voices of Faith Conference may get larger audience because of controversy


Mary E. Hunt, Religious Dispatches, | February 6, 2018

Why is this International Women’s Day in the Vatican different from virtually every other International Women’s Day in the Vatican? It isn’t. Women still have no power to make and implement decisions. The proof is painful, but clear.

For the past four years on March 8th, Voices of Faith (VoF), a project of the Liechtenstein-based Fidel Götz Foundation, has held a symposium on women inside the Vatican. Chantal Götz is the project’s director. This year, the theme is “Why Women Matter,” for which the answer seems to be, they don’t.

The group’s goal is “to bring together leaders in the Vatican with the global Catholic community, so they can recognise that women have the expertise, skills, and gifts to play a full leadership role in the Church. Why does the Church continue to deny women that right based purely on gender? We amplify the capability of women in education and programs of social transformation, especially in areas of marginalisation and extreme poverty. Above all we showcase the enormous and under-utilised potential of women to exercise leadership at all levels of the Catholic Church.” The Vatican’s decision to prohibit the participation of some of their invited speakers provided all the data needed to show the importance of their mission.

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Mary McAleese represents the voice of women both in the Catholic Church and the wider world.

Cardinal Farrell's snub of this outstanding Catholic woman has not alone insulted her integrity but also the Christian dignity of Catholic women throughout the world whose voices are persistently ignored by Church authorities.

This suppression of the legitimate voice of women within the Catholic Church, as evidenced by the Cardinal's abuse of power in this instance, must cease, as it is an insult to God whose image every woman bears.

This unjust oppression of Catholic women by the Vatican must be brought to an end. It is an endemic injustice which is driving women especially the younger generation away from the Catholic Church, as they cannot see the Face of God in this male dominated institutional Church.

"If this issue is not resolved it will cast a shadow over the forthcoming World Meeting of Families; an event being supervised by the Vatican based Cardinal Farrell." stated Brendan Butler.

16. February 2018 

Brendan Butler, We are Church spokesperson.

Mobile 086 4054984


Mary – Prophet and Priest

A forgotten, suppressed truth

Could she open the door to women’s ordination?

by Ida Raming

[The author has given permission to share this article.]

 Introduction - Mary: Up to now contradictorily interpreted

Throughout the history of church and theology many theologians have paid particular attention to the figure of Mary, the mother of Jesus. For some decades, women theologians have also focused their reflections on Mary, their sister in faith. There is a wide range of opinions, from the very positive to the theologically questionable including much negative and dismissive comment.

How did these contradictory views and interpretations arise?

 What is sure is that writing on the interpretation and meaning of the figure of Mary is still far from being finished.

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Sr. Louise Akers, remembered for her stand against inequality, dies at age 75

Dan Stockman, National Catholic Reporter | Feb 8, 2018

Akers leaves behind a legacy of standing up for equality, especially gender and racial equality, those who knew her said. She had battled melanoma for several years.

"I'm so grief-stricken, it's hard to put my feelings into words," said Deborah Rose-Milavec, executive director of FutureChurch, a Catholic reform organization that embraced Akers' work. "She was so authentic. She was unflinchingly honest, which made her so trustworthy as a friend, as a sister, as a mentor, as a teacher. She made faith real because she lived it at such an authentic level."

Akers came to national prominence in 2009, when Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk, then archbishop of Cincinnati, ordered her to publicly renounce her support for women's ordination or be prohibited from making presentations at archdiocesan-sponsored events, conducting retreats or reflection days, or teaching courses at sites directly related to the archdiocese. She refused.

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#MeToo and the maleness of God

Joanna Manning, Magdalene Moments | January 31, 2018

The door into the old boys club, through which only whispers emerged about the abusive gender relations that were tolerated within, has been unlocked and flung wide open.

The assumed privileges of mostly white men which has allowed society to turn a blind eye to various levels of molestation of women, children and LGBTQ people, has been revealed for what it is in the light of day: an abuse of power which leads to violence.

Read More

Message on the occasion of her election as bishop for RCWP Canada

Jane Kryzanowski, RCWP Canada | December 13, 2018

Thank your for your warm and generous messages. Each one has been a gentle cloud to rest upon as I wrestle with my emotions.  More than a few tears have been shed as I marvel at the trust you have placed in me to be your pastoral leader for the next 5 years. 

The Scriptures for today, the Feast of St. Lucy, are vary poignant.  Lucy, light, who stood tall in her truth and would not be anyone's property or be made a prostitute: "God is the source of our strength.  Those that hope in God will be renewed; they will soar as with eagles' wings.  They will run and not grow weary, walk and not grow faint." (Is. 40: 30-31) and "Come to me all who labour and are burdened, and I will be your rest . . . for I am gentle and humble of heart."  (Matt. 11:28-30)  Your words of support bring these words of Scripture to life. 

I am also praying the prayer of Thomas Merton: 

"My Lord God,
I have no idea where I am going.
I do not see the road ahead of me.
I cannot know for certain where it will lead.
Nor do I really know myself,
and the fact that I think I am following your will
does not mean that I am actually doing so.
Though I may seem to be lost
and in the shadow of death
I will not fear,
for you are ever with me,
and you will never leave me
to face my perils alone.

So, my dear sisters and brothers, please continue to pray for me as I will be praying for you.  May Holy Wisdom, Hochma, guide our every step as we travel this road together in faithfulness to our call to be witnesses for justice for women in the Roman Catholic Church.

In service,

Francis, the comic strip                                                                                                           Francis Comic Strip Archive
by Pat Marrin | February 13, 2018
National Catholic Reporter

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