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Woman Bishop attends Woman Rabbi Installation

Marie Bouclin |  March 7, 2017

Among the many blessings of a recent vacation, was the invitation to attend the Installation of Jennifer Singer, a reform Jewish Rabbi. The Installation is the community's calling her to be their Rabbi, following her Ordination which took place at the Seminary.

Jennifer greeted me personally having been told by our hostess that I was a Roman Catholic woman Bishop. Later, Jennifer made a point of telling me how grateful she felt that she was not being excommunicated for being ordained - as we now are - and how courageous we are. The Installation was held in a community hall, because this very progressive/reform community does not have its own synagogue. At the most important moment of the celebration, when the newly ordained rabbi reads from Holy Scripture, a woman in the congregation invited  my friend  Laurianne and me, even though we are Gentiles, to stand  next to the Torah table  so we could closely witness the event.  She covered  our shoulders with her own prayer shawl.  Her gesture was very moving and touchingly inclusive. 
As you know, it isn't that difficult to distinguish the parts of the Jewish liturgy that have come down to our Christian celebrations,  even though they pray several more Psalms than we do.  The Book of Worship was simple to follow  as the presider indicated the page as we moved along. We could follow in Hebrew, transliterated so we could sing along, or simply follow in the English translation.  They sang the Alleluia to Leonard Cohen's tune. The woman next to me, a music teacher, said the words were from Scripture, the music by Cohen. The sermon urged us to build community together through service to one another and to the wider community, and faithfulness to daily prayer. This particular community supports a literacy program for inner city children.

Just after the service ended with sharing of bread and wine, another woman welcomed me and said she knew some of the RCWP's in Sarasota. Afterwards, at the banquet, we were also very warmly welcomed along with the woman who invited us to attend, Mimi Abidbol, who is Jewish but from a more conversative congregation.  Like us, however, she experienced great joy to celebrate what we hold in common. 

Continuing Features:

Statement of RCWP Canada National Leadership Circle to Pope Francis' "Never, never . . . In that direction" assertion

Sara Butler, MSBT / Robert J. Egan, SJ Debate on the Ordination of Women

Women Priests -- Answering the Call


See preface from the book by Catherine Cavanagh -- click here

Editor's note:  The author has given permission to download for free the complete 48 page booklet and read on your computer or e-reader

Click here for pdf format of Women Priests -- Following the Call

My Journey From Silence to Solidarity

This book available for free as a pdf file downloaded here.


On May 12, 2016 Pope Francis  announced that he will create a commission to study the possibility of restoring the tradition of ordaining women deacons in the Catholic Church.

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Voices of Faith 2017 - from the heart of the Vatican - March 8th International Women's Day

3:00 pm (CET - Europe); 9:00 am (EST - Toronto); 8:00 am (CST - Regina)

Pope Francis called in his 1st January 2017 Peace Day statement for Nonviolence: a Style of Politics for Peace. This year, we highlight the work of women from around the world who are promoting nonviolence and programs of peace.

At our annual event on March 8, 2017, Voices of Faith unites the Vatican with the international community and organisations around the globe to honour and acknowledge women who understand the need for dialogue, building bridges and collaboration across boundaries. It is their experience, as Pope Francis says, that peace in their hearts and in their families generates the desire for dialogue and cooperation. With our two Partners, the Jesuits Refugee Service andCaritas internationalis we serve as an instrument of hope and amplifier of the courage and creativity of women in education and social programs, especially in areas of marginalization and extreme poverty. 

In the footsteps of St. Catherine of Siena –a remarkable woman who worked tirelessly to make peace between the quarrelling Italian states- we encourage all of you to be part of a more peaceful and nonviolent world.

Chantal M. Götz - Managing Director Voices of Faith

[Editor's note:  The whole live-streamed event (three hours) is now available as a recording at:  http://voicesoffaith.org]

World Day of Prayer 2017

Vancouver's St. James Anglican Church and the Our Lady of Guadalupe Tonantzin Society presented:  “Am I Being Unfair toYou?”

Rev. Dr. Vikki Marie | March 7, 2017

Before the World Wide Web, there was the World Day of Prayer, an international event that has been connecting people in a meaningful way for almost a century. Despite being planned years in advance, World Day of Prayer services have a remarkable record for anticipating major events, like the refugee crisis (France 2013), the Arab Spring (Egypt 2014) and the winding down of the U.S. embargo against Cuba (Cuba 2016).

The secret to this depth and insight is the women who plan and write each World Day of Prayer service. Too often, women have the most intimate experiences of armed conflict, violence, social injustice, and human rights violations. What might Canadians learn from women of the Philippines, a country on the front lines of climate change, foreign mining and resources interests, a regional insurgency and social upheaval due to migration, who wrote the World Day of Prayer 2017? How will we answer the question, “Am I being unfair to you?”

On March 3, 2017, Christians in more than 170 countries and in 2,000 communities across Canada gathered to learn about, pray, and celebrate in solidarity with the women of The Philippines through the World Day of Prayer.

In Canada, the World Day of Prayer is coordinated by the Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada.

The World Day of Prayer has its roots in an ecumenical day of prayer organized by women in Canada and the United States in 1920. This event became the international World Day of Prayer in 1922, and Christians around the world began celebrating this event on the first Friday of March.

    Comments to the Editor

Thank you, Bishop Marie, for sharing your experiences at the Installation of a woman Jewish Rabbi.  What a beautiful liturgy and how rich a blessing to be so warmly welcomed and included! 

As women in ministry we can learn much from each other and support one another once we're connected.  I think there is great value in interconnecting at various relationships.

Jane Kryzanowski, RCWP Canada
, Regina, SK.

We really enjoyed the article in the last posting.."No Priests"...part 4. We actually went back and read all of it. Lots of food for thought.

Cheryl Paul, Regina, SK

[Editor's note:  The article now appears in the Archives/ Archived Home Pages/February 3]

Francis, the comic strip                                                                                                           Francis Comic Strip Archive
by Pat Marrin | January 24, 2017
National Catholic Reporter

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