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Christmas:  Doing an about face from the rat race

Editor | November 12, 2016

Regina's Mary of Magdala Inclusive Catholic Community is sponsoring an Advent Presentation/Discussion by Craig Van Parys, outstanding Christian Ethics Teacher, Masters in Pastoral Studies, and Feminist Theologian.

Topics to be covered include:  
  • Economic success, faith sclerosis, and discipleship failure;
  • The gender politics of Luke's birth narrative;
  • Profits or Prophets.

Time, date, place:  1:30 pm to 5 pm,
Sunday, December 4, 2016,
Victoria Court
2727 Victoria Avenue

Read More -- See poster below:

Reflecting on Pope Francis and the RCWP Statement

Jacklynne Guimond | November 6, 2016

Story #1
It was music class with fourth grade. We were watching a film about Hidegarde of Bingen.
“I can’t see the screen,” complained Kyle, “Jordy is in my way.”
“How can we remedy that problem? “ I asked.
“Make him move!” he quickly responded.
“What if he refuses to move?”  I ask again. “Is there something else you can do to resolve this issue? “
“I guess I could move.” he softly responds.

Story #2
Shortly after my separation my 16 year old daughter and I were trying to create a budget for us to live on. In the midst of the discussion I shared with her a story told by a couple who shared how and why they decided to tithe, and how that practice had changed their lives.
The wife said: “ Since we have been tithing we have discovered that while there were times that we couldn’t have everything we wanted, we have always had everything we needed.”

These two stories came to mind as I reflected on Pope Francis’ recent statement regarding women’s ordination.
In light of what we had been hearing in the discussion about women deacons, I thought some movement was on the way.  The quote about  “St. Pope John
Paul II had the last clear word on this and it stands”  totally surprised me.
Alpha and Omega? Who knew that John Paul II was ‘Omega’?

I was equally surprised to read that “this teaching is an infallible part of Catholic tradition.” The good OSU’s and RNDM’s taught me that there were only two ‘infallible’ statements, both in reference to Mary (egad, a woman) and neither one had any bearing on my eternal salvation.

Back to story #1.
As I see it, the RCWP’s are alive and well BECAUSE after unsuccessfully, (thus far), attempting to MOVE the powers that be to accept a female priesthood, they simply MOVED themselves. The Spirit of God, much bigger than any Pope/bishop, has called them,  guided them, challenged them to continue their work for justice in all realms and to care for the people of God.  They are unstoppable now by any earthly power.

Back to story #2
When I shared the tithing story with my daughter she thought a moment, then said:” So what you are saying is that if we tithe, we will always have bread, but we may not always have peanut butter.”

The RCWP have Bread, plenty of it. Your numbers are rising, your ministries are spreading, you are slowly but surely being accepted more and more by those who see you happily and faithfully  doing God’s work.
Through my glasses you already have what you NEED.
As I see it, you WANT recognition and acceptance from the hierarchical Roman church.
Supposing tomorrow Pope Francis stepped out on his balcony at St. Peter’s and said: “Okay girls! You win! You’re in! “
Really, would that greatly affect the way you are ministering, pastoring, being
and feeding the Body of Christ?
Or might there just be a bit of EGO creeping in, needing to be fed?
Don’t we all wrestle with that from time to time?

The six additional beatitudes are fitting for our time. The last one makes me wonder if there ever will be ‘full communion’ between Christians. It seems to me that for that to happen there will be a lot of competing, comparing, someone being right so someone else has to be wrong. That hasn’t worked well so far.

Maybe the Body of Christ needs to remain broken/fragmented to keep our hearts soft and tender, other- oriented, to keep EGO at bay so we can revel in the mystery of the Cosmic Christ.
Bless you RCWP’s! Bless us all! +

Sara Butler, MSBT / Robert J. Egan, SJ Debate on the Ordination of Women

Women Priests -- Answering the Call


See preface from the book by Catherine Cavanagh -- click here

Editor's note:  The author has given permission to download for free the complete 48 page booklet and read on your computer or e-reader

Click here for pdf format of Women Priests -- Following the Call

My Journey From Silence to Solidarity

This book available for free as a pdf file downloaded here.


On May 12, 2016 Pope Francis  announced that he will create a commission to study the possibility of restoring the tradition of ordaining women deacons in the Catholic Church.

Follow this special section to stay up to date and get insights and commentary on developments from many news sources.

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Statement released by RCWP Canada in response to Pope Francis' comments regarding the ordination of women in the RC Church

RCWP Canada National Leadership Circle | November 12, 2016

Roman Catholic Women Priests Canada (RCWP Canada) along with thousands of other Catholic men and women are once again disappointed by Pope Francis’s refusal to open up discussions regarding the ordination of women, citing yet again the statement of Pope John Paul II in 1994. Pope Francis seems to feel that the Church needs to follow that 22 year old declaration which was never said to be an infallible statement, rather than listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit clearly moving today within the Church, the people of God, and within the hearts and souls of hundreds of women who have chosen to follow their consciences and join other denominations or be ordained validly but “contra legem” (against Canon Law) as Catholic priests.
When did it become the norm that the words of a pope took priority over the movement of the Spirit within? Does Pope Francis really think that human words will stifle the Holy Spirit whom Jesus said would be with us until the end of time? One has to wonder what Pope John Paul II was afraid of, what was his negative view of women, from where came his failure to uphold the Church’s responsibility to speak out against injustice in all its forms?
The Catholic Church should be a leader in the world, speaking out against the sin of sexism and proclaiming loudly the equality before God of all persons. Sadly, the Church’s voice rings hollow because, by refusing to ordain women, it does not recognize the full personhood of all the baptized. It does not practice what it preaches when it refuses to listen to the Spirit speaking through the people of God.
Pope Francis has shared how he looks back on his first years as a superior in the Jesuit Order. He admits that he made mistakes and that if he could go back, he would do things differently. This took great humility. Is Pope Francis going to look back at this time in his papacy, and realize that it was a mistake not to listen to the voice of the Spirit speaking loudly and clearly for the ordination of women? This is the voice that must be listened to if the Church is to give any meaningful witness to the world today.
RCWP Canada National Leadership Circle
Contact: Jane Kryzanowski
Administrator, RCWP Canada West



Rome has never claimed that their own prohibition precludes that Christ can work through ordained women in other traditions

Marie-Louise Ternier-Gommers | November 16, 2016

The month of October was eventful on the global ecumenical front, in no small way thanks to Pope Francis. A man of action, and cognizant of the power of gesture and relationship, Francis spent October 2016 — inaugurating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation — in key encounters with leaders from the Orthodox Church, the Anglican Communion, and the Lutheran World Federation (LWF).

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby and LWF President Bishop Mounib Younan both signed joint statements with Pope Francis; a joint statement with the Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill was signed earlier this year. Each statement confesses the sins of conflict and strife over the past 500 years (1,000 years in case of the Orthodox), reaffirms Christ’s own animating and salvific presence in one another’s traditions, and commits its leaders and members to new paths of joint witness, prayer and mission. Without glossing over disagreements still present, each statement includes a clear commitment to address these differences by “walking together” as one Body of Christ.

Read More

Women deacons commission to meet in Rome for first time next week

Joshua J. McElwee  |  Nov. 19, 2016 NCR

The new Vatican commission studying the possibility of allowing women to serve as deacons in the Catholic church will be meeting in Rome for the first time as a full group Nov. 25-26.  The dates of the meeting, anticipated in recent months, was first reported Saturday by the U.S. newspaper Newsday, which spoke to commission member and NCR columnist Phyllis Zagano.

Pope Francis' creation of the commission, formally known as the Study Commission on the Women's Diaconate, has been seen as signaling an historic openness to the possibility of ending the Catholic church's practice of an all-male clergy.

Read More

Zed urges Pope to display “real equality & inclusivity” by ordaining women priests

Punjab News Express | November 18, 2016

Vatican, which represented the world’s largest religious group under one leadership, should show exemplary leadership in gender equality and inclusion to the rest of the planet to follow by ordaining women priests, distinguished religious statesman Rajan Zed stated in Nevada today.

Zed, who is President of Universal Society of Hinduism, indicated that it was very sad and dismaying to learn about recent reported remarks of His Holiness Pope Francis, aboard the papal plane flying to Rome from Sweden, that ban on female priests was forever; thus ruling out women's ordination.

Rajan Zed urged the Vatican to seriously look into ordaining women priests, which was long overdue, and suggested Pope Francis to put ordination of women priests on the top of his reform agenda. Women could disseminate God’s message as skillfully as men and deserved equal and full participation and access in religion, Zed added.

Read More

Bishop Nancy Meyer presides at Mass at St. Mary of Magdala Catholic Community, Indianapolis

Barbara Brosher | November 18, 2016

There are more than 140 Roman Catholic womenpriests worldwide. But the Catholic Church doesn’t recognize them because of a longstanding policy that forbids the ordination of women. Only men can hold leadership roles.

Some are hopeful a new commission Pope Francis formed will lead to change.

At first glance, the Sunday mass at Indiana’s Interchurch Center in Indianapolis may not appear much different than those you’d see in traditional Catholic churches. There’s singing, praying and the offering of communion.

But there’s a woman presiding over the Mass. Today, it’s Bishop Nancy Meyer.

Read More

Our Lady of Guadalupe Tonantzin Community Society march and rally against Kinder Morgan transmountain pipeline expansion

OLGT Bulletin | November 20, 2016

Francis, the comic strip                                                                                                           Francis Comic Strip Archive
by Pat Marrin | November 22, 2016
National Catholic Reporter

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